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Holiday Threats and Home Security Urban Legends

November 2017

Commercial Security:

Commercial SecurityKeep Your Company Safe from Online Threats this Thanksgiving

Did you know that hackers, spammers and other nefarious online individuals don’t take time off? That’s right, they “keep at it” throughout the year, even on holidays meant for family and friends, including Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, their devious efforts to infiltrate your system get even more manipulative as the holidays approach – after all, this is when people are spending and doing more than other times during the year.

Comm - Honeywell PanelOne of the most common “tricks” used by these individuals is sending emails to individuals in your company with the subject line of “Thanksgiving.” Once opened, the email leads to a website that offers fake projection plans, lottery schemes and other similar topics. There are some that may even lead an unsuspecting worker to a fake retail site, encouraging them to make a purchase or take a certain action. If this is done, it all goes downhill.

While these threats are present for individuals, they can be even more damaging to your business if your unknowing employees happen to click on one of these sites through a business connection. In an effort to prevent serious harm, make sure to use the following precautions:

  • Warn employees about fake and spam emails coming to them. Make sure they know to immediately delete any email that is not from a trusted source. Opening even one malicious link could lead to an entire system infection.
  • Install a high-tech security solution. Work with professionals to install new protection software that may help prevent attacks.
  • Encourage your workers to change their passwords often. One weak password can let hackers and spammers into your system.

While you may think that your company’s system is immune to online threats, this is simply not the case. According to statistics, more than 89% ow workers with internet access waste time on personal online browsing while on the clock. This puts your company at risk and you have to take action to prevent serious threats.

Residential Security:

Residential SecurityUrban Legends about Home Security: The Truth Revealed 

There are urban legends about virtually anything you can think of, including home security. While this can be an emotive topic, it is time to shed some light on these misconceptions. Some of the most common home security urban legends – and the truth about them – can be found here.

All Break-Ins Occur at Night
Television has popularized the image of the cat-burglar, clad in all-black, climbing up into an open window and then scurrying around the home taking anything valuable in their handy knapsack all while you sleep, completely unaware of what is going on.

However, most burglars not only want to avoid being seen, but they also want to avoid running into a homeowner. This is why the majority of home break-ins occur during the day, when you go to work.

By installing a smart home security system, you can see what is going on at your house, at all times. You can install video cameras and motion sensors to ensure you know when nefarious activity is occurring.

Res - Honeywell PanelIf you Lock Your Doors and Windows, Your House is Safe
This myth is one that is wrong on several levels. For example, are you positive that you always lock up – every single door and window in your home? Also, a large number of break-ins are considered “unlawful entry.” This means that the burglar has used a door or window that was left open.

Additionally, almost three fifths of all burglaries are considered “forcible entries.” This can involve the person kicking the door down or even breaking a window to gain entry. This is easy to do and not something you can prevent by just locking up.

A great way to prevent both of these break-in methods is by installing a smart security system. In most cases, if a burglar sees you have protection in place, they are going to move on to an easier target. 

Commercial and Residential Security

October 2017

Commercial Security:

Commercial SecurityWhy Card Access May be the Safest Option for Your Commercial Property

When it comes to your commercial building’s security, one of the best options is a card access control system. Keypad locks and traditional lock and keys are not only outdated, but they can also be difficult to manage. Learn more about why you should consider card access for your commercial property here.
Commercial Card Access
The Traditional Lock and Key: An Outdated, Easy to Breach Form of Security
If you use a traditional lock and key to keep your business secure, you may discover it presents more of a hassle than a benefit. Each key made makes your business that much more vulnerable. When you give a key to anyone, it requires quite a bit of trust. When you own a business and use this method, you are losing control of:

  • When the keys are used
  • When the keys are copied
  • Who the copies of the key are given too

Also, anyone who has had a key (at any point) from ex-employees and cleaning staff, to contractors and more, may still be able to gain access to your business. The only other option is to change the key and lock each time someone is fired or no longer working with the company – this can get expensive quickly.

Why Keypad Locks are Not the Answer
One of the biggest benefit offed by keypad locks is that they don’t require a key. When you don’t need a key, you can eliminate the potential of unauthorized copies. Also, you don’t have to worry about keys being lost because a code will be used to gain entry. However, this still isn’t the best security option. With a keypad lock, you still don’t have control over who gains access to the combination or when the lock is opened.

Electronic Card Access: Unsurpassed Commercial Property Security
The most secure building option for commercial property security is to install a card activated access control system. These systems are extremely flexible and can work in any environment, including businesses, hospitals, schools and more. With the electronic cards, you receive the following benefits:

  • Only able to be opened when the card is used.
  • Only used during authorized and pre-programmed times.
  • Eliminates the need for you to manually lock the door.
  •  Ability to log who accesses a certain area of the business, at what time and for how long.

As you can see, it makes sense to use a card access system to secure your property. If you want an effective and viable solution, then throw out the old lock and key, and secure your business with technology. 

Residential Security:

Residential SecuritySecurity Upgrades to Consider for Your Home 

NIf you are considering upgrading your home, to make it safer and more secure, you have more options today than you ever did in the past. There is no question that the future has arrived, and technology has provided you with more than a few automation features to make your space more secure, comfortable and even fun. Some things to consider when it comes to upgrading the security in your home can be found here.

Upgrades for Your Doors
If someone is trying to gain access to your home, they are going to start with the doors. If you don’t have a deadbolt lock on each entry door leading into your home, now is the time to install them. The deadbolt is the most effective way to keep burglars away.

You also need to make sure your doors are sturdy and strong. A hollow core wooden door is ok for the interior of your home, but not the exterior. Also, glass is something you should avoid in your exterior doors. Solid wood doors, steel doors and other metal materials is the best to keep intruders out. You can also upgrade the frame if it is rotted or damaged and move any exterior hinges to the interior of the home.
Res - Window sensor
Upgrade Your Windows
Another common point of entry for intruders is your windows. You need to make sure these are also secure by making the following upgrades:

  • Make sure each window has a lock and that it is engaged at all times.
  • Install window sensors that will let you know if the window is forced, broken or jimmied.
  • Install glass break detectors that are sensitive to the sound of glass breaking.
  • Install cameras with clear views of your doors and windows.
  • Make sure that all shrubs and bushes near your windows are cut down so that intruders cannot hide behind them.

When you make the home security upgrades highlighted here, you can enjoy more peace of mind and have a safer and more secure home.

Commercial & Residential Security

September 2017

Commercial Security:

Commercial Security10 Tips to Help Prevent Shoplifting this Fall 

During the 2016 calendar years, the average retail business inventory shrink rate increased from 1.38 percent in 2015 to 1.44 percent, according to information from the National Retain Security Survey of 2017. A total of 37 percent of all retail inventory loss was the result of shoplifting by outside customers, which was followed by employee theft at 30 percent, administrative errors representing 21 percent and vendor fraud, five percent. The total worth of all this lost inventory was $48.9 billion.
Com-Shoplifting is a crime Sign
While you may be using anti-theft tags and video surveillance to deter theft, this may not be enough. Here you can find 10 more tips to help you combat theft and reduce losses.

  1. Make sure all customers are addressed as they arrive. This removes anonymity and shoplifters will avoid stores with salespeople who are attentive.
  2. Watch out for any customers who actively avoid making eye contact, wander through the store, appear nervous or exhibit other types of suspicious actions.
  3. Encourage your employees to walk around and engage with shoppers.
  4. Ensure the store remains organized and clean.
  5. Keep items that are commonly stolen in plain view of the cash register or employees to deter shoplifters.
  6. Compare notes with shop owners nearby to find out who or what is being targeted.
  7. Hire enough employees to watch the store at all times.
  8. Create a shoplifting policy and then make sure it is enforced. Ensure you post copies of your policy in the store.
  9. Install various anti-theft devices, such as security cameras and towers.
  10. Restrict the use of fitting rooms without help from an employee.

If you take the time to put the above steps in place, you will find that you can reduce cases of shoplifting in your store, regardless of size, significantly. 

Residential Security:

Residential SecurityTips for After School Safety for Your Kids 

Now that most schools are back in, or will be back in soon, it is time to start planning for your kids after school. If you work, it may not be possible to be home when they get off the bus. The good news is, you can provide you and your kid’s peace of mind by using the tips here. When you make sure your home is as safe as possible, it will reduce how much you worry about your children when they are home alone.
Res - Smoke Detector
Check the smoke detectors. Having a fire alarm system that is working properly is extremely important. This is the best way to make sure they will be warned if any heat or smoke is detected.

Create a contact list with important people and their phone numbers. You should leave a list of people your children can call if they are unable to reach you, or need help with something while you are not home.

Make sure your kids know where the flashlights are located. Be sure you also replace the batteries so they work.

Remind your kids to always lock the doors. In addition to locking the doors, you also need to make sure that the kids know how to turn on the security system and that they leave it on until you get home. Also, make sure they don’t open the door for anyone when you aren’t there.

Add video surveillance to your existing security system. Modern video surveillance allows you to see what is going on while you are still at work.

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to help ensure your child is safe when they are home alone after school. When you use the tips and advice here, you will be able to have confidence that your child is protected and safe until you can arrive home. 

Infrared Security Camera & Cleaning Tips

August 2017

Commercial Security:

Commercial Security

Infrared Security Cameras: Are they Right for Your Business?

The majority of businesses in need of access control systems understand that cameras are a crucial element of the overall security plan. However, not everyone is aware of what infrared cameras are or the benefits they offer. It is a good idea to learn more about them before determining the types of cameras that are right for a business security system.
IR Fixed Dome Camera
How does the infrared imaging work?
Infrared cameras rely on thermal imaging technology. This means the camera is able to detect heat that radiates from an object. A person’s normal body temperature is just under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it easy for the cameras to detect any type of human activity. Remember, the image displayed by the camera shows heat, which means it won’t look like the typical picture you would expect from a camera.

Will infrared cameras work when the sun is out?
Infrared cameras aren’t the same thing as day/night cameras. A day/night camera requires plenty of light for something to be visible, but this is not the case with infrared cameras. They can display images in clear detail even if there isn’t much light present.

How far will infrared cameras reach or detect motion or heat?
The reach of your infrared camera depends on the number of lights it has. An infrared camera’s power is measured by lux. If you want the camera to display a completely clear image when it is totally dark out, a rating of 0.0 lux is necessary. It also needs plenty of infrared lights near and around the camera’s lens.

If you want to install a camera that will enhance the security of your business, that doesn’t require light and provides superior protection, then consider installing an infrared camera. 

Residential Security:

Residential SecurityCleaning Tips for Your Door Handles, Knobs
and Hinges 

There’s a good chance you use your door daily without giving much thought to the cleanliness of the knobs, handles or hinges. However, over time, this hardware can build up grime, dirt and invisible bacteria every time it is used.

Even in a small home, there are approximately two dozen knobs, not to mention the knockers and hinges that are pretty much forgotten when it comes to cleaning and lubricating. However, maintaining this part of your door can help ensure your door doesn’t carry nasty bacteria and that it continues working properly.

Important Considerations to Make Before Cleaning Copper or Brass Door Hardware

Copper and brass are two popular door hinge and handle materials that are used in modern homes. Over time, they are susceptible to tarnishing. The good news is, they can be cleaned. If you have a solid brass or a coated door knob, you will need to figure out if it is made of zinc, steel or brass plated iron. If so, they should be cleaned with warm and soapy water. If you use abrasives or rough polishing materials, it may remove the brass plating present and cause damage.
You can figure out want you have by using a magnet. They won’t stick to solid brass.
Door Knob
Easy At Home Solutions for Cleaning Copper and Brass Knobs
You can create a paste out of equal parts salt, vinegar and flour. Rub the past onto the copper or brass and leave it there for a few minutes before buffing the paste away with a soft cloth.

Another method is to take a ripe lemon and cut it in half. Put salt on the exposed pulp and rub it on your copper or brass. You can follow up with a cotton rag to remove any residue that remains.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Hardware
If you have stainless steel hardware on your door, the cleaning process can be a bit trickier. Instead of knowing what you can do, you should get to know what you should avoid. Some of the no-no’s related to cleaning stainless steel include:

  • Avoid the use of hard water or cleaning the stainless steel when it is warm
  • Don’t use an oven cleaner on it
  • Don’t use any type of abrasive, such as steel wool
  • Don’t ever use chloride or chlorine bleach

The best way to clean stainless steel is to use a damp, soapy cloth and water. If there is grime or gunk on the surface, you can use equal parts of vinegar and olive oil to clean them.

You should try to clean your door knobs and hardware regularly as this will help ensure it continues to look great and function properly. 

Selecting a Commercial Security System Provider & Protecting Your Outdoor Valuables

July 2017

Commercial Security:

Commercial Security

What to Consider when Selecting a Commercial Security System Provider

While it may seem like a straightforward and easy decision, selecting the right security system provider for your business isn’t always so cut and dry. If you live in a location where there are several options regarding security companies, you need to do a bit of research to find the one that best meets your needs. Some factors to keep in mind are found here.
Highly Recommened
Is the Company Reputable?
When a security company is reputable, they are going to have quite a bit of positive feedback from other business owners. This can include online reviews and word of mouth buzz from people who have worked with the company in the past. If the company is known for quick responses to alarms then they can likely be trusted with your security system.

Has the Company been around for a While?
Even though new security companies may offer lower prices to help establish their business in the community, you have to proceed with caution. If they are new to the area, there is no way to know the quality of services they will provide. Working with a company that has been in the area for several years provides you with peace of mind they can handle the job at hand.

Is there a Local Office Nearby?
Modern security companies come in all sizes from national firms to local companies. Utilizing a security company that has an office nearby your location will allow you to have better customer service. While companies offering “nationwide coverage” may be able to offer lower prices, if you need local help they may not be able to provide you with the help you need.

Choosing a security company for your commercial alarm system is a big decision. After all, this is who you are trusting with a huge investment. Make sure to consider the factors here to ensure you find the right company to work with.

Residential Security:

Residential SecurityTips for Protecting Your Outdoor Valuables e 

If you have items outside of your home, such as grills, patio furniture, bikes and other items, you need to take steps to protect them. Unfortunately, these items can be stolen or vandalized if you don’t take the proper steps to secure the exterior of your home.

The good news is, you can find some tips here to help you secure the exterior of your home and keep your valuable items where they are supposed to be.

Keep the Home’s Exterior Well-Lit
It is important that you can monitor the perimeter of your home at all times. By adding lights and video surveillance you can do this easily. An affordable solution is to install motion activated lights, which will help you and your guests move around the property at night, but also serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves. If you leave your yard and outside area dark, then thieves could grab anything they wanted without being seen.
Residential Security

Invest in Quality Security Cameras
Another way you can keep your outdoor items safe is by installing security cameras outside your home. Make sure to hire the professionals for installation and to help you figure out where they should be placed. In most cases, installing one to face your garage and any exterior sheds is going to be best.

Maintain your Landscaping
In addition to installing lighting and cameras outside your home, security experts have also recommended keeping the hedges and other plants around your property trimmed back and cut somewhat short. People who want to steal your items can use plants that haven’t been trimmed to hide. As you can see, protecting your outside valuables isn’t difficult, but it does require a bit of effort. If you need help creating an effective plan, contact the professionals for help.